Remembering Empire: S3 learners of French

Entre ici et là-bas

Introducing Remembering Empire

The introductory session asks why people leave their home country and travel to another country. We look at the experiences of

  • – emigrants
  • – settlers
  • – immigrants
  • – refugees

Introductory presentation

Entre ici et là-bas is the story of a French girl, Jeanne, who comes from a family of settlers. Jeanne’s family have settled in Algeria, which used to belong to France. When Algeria becomes an independent country after a long war, Jeanne’s family have to flee to safety in France.

Entre ici et là-bas full comic
Entre ici et là-bas comic reading

Here are the materials you will need for the Remembering Empire: Entre ici et là-bas sessions:

BGE session 1

BGE Session 1

In Session 1 we meet Jeanne and her family waiting for a ship to leave Algeria. We learn about country and place names, common objects, and practice asking and answering simple questions.

Session 1 presentation Session 1 Student Activity Pack
BGE session 2

BGE Session 2

In Session 2 we hear about how Jeanne’s great-grandfather came to Algeria, and why. We learn how to describe our emotions in French and use the verb être in the present tense.

Session 2 presentation Session 2 Student Activity Pack
BGE Session 3

BGE Session 3

In Session 3 we hear about Jeanne’s life in Algeria and what happens when the war starts. We practise describing daily routines and using common verbs in the present tense.

Session 3 presentation Session 3 Student Activity Pack
BGE Session 4

BGE Session 4

In Session 4 we hear about the end of the war, and how Jeanne’s family is forced to leave their home. We learn how to use the near future (aller + infinitive) to say: ‘I am going to do (something)’.

Session 4 presentation Session 4 Student Activity Pack
BGE session 5

BGE Session 5

In Session 5 there are a series of activities and role-plays to do to practise what we have learned and explore the experiences of the characters in the comic.

Session 5 presentation Session 5 Student Activity Pack

Here is an additional video for extra listening practice:

Marion’s pied-noir family history

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